The main directions of scientifical and clinical activity

The research activities of the University is carried out in accordance with the Law "About Science" from 18.11.2011, № 407-IV SAM, the Law "About the Education" from 10.07.2012, № 319 – IIIZRK, Concept of the State Programme for the Development of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on 2007-2015 years, the State Development Program of Health "Salamatty Kazakhstan for 2011-2015" dated 29.11.2010, the forward planning of research of the West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after Marat Ospanov.
Vice Rector for Research and Clinical Affairs of West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after Marat Ospanov, MD DzharkenovTimurAgataevich.
In West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after Marat Ospanov executed applied and fundamental research.
Experimental studies are conducted in the Research Center for University, which incorporates scientific certified and accredited laboratory (link)
– Morphological
– Physiological
– Hygiene
– Immunohistochemical
– Biochemical
In accordance with Article 23 of the Law of RK "About Science" research activities of the University 22.08.2011 accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan to the quality of the subject in the scientific and technical activities (MK certificate number 001706).
 In 2012, the University completed a budget scientific and technical program on "Development of evidence-based proposals for improving the prevention and treatment of pollution-related diseases of childhood in the region of Western Kazakhstan".
 A total of Academy research work conducted on 37 subjects, 23 of whom have passed state registration. All studies were conducted in 3 directions:
• clinical medical research
• Research on Theoretical and Experimental Medicine
• research on the psycho-pedagogical and the complex problems of the social sciences
Research continues to extra-budgetary programs:
◊ «Medical and environmental aspects of cross-border cooperation in the Ural water pool" in the framework of international cooperation with the staff of the Orenburg State Medical Academy, Russia.
◊ «Development of an independent registry of acute coronary syndromes in the city of Aktobe and Aktobe region"
◊ «Monitoring of working conditions of industrial facilities Mangistau region and risk assessment" in conjunction with the UOC LLP "Sham-Shyrak."
◊ «Studies conditions of workers of industrial enterprises Aktobe region and Risk Assessment" jointly with «Enbek groups Service"
◊ «Effective prevention of the spread of social epidemics in the Republic of Kazakhstan" in cooperation with the Pavlodar Research Institute of Drug Abuse
The University operates seven research councils:
 Scientific Council on the protection of motherhood and childhood. Research Project: "Development and optimization of methods for diagnosis, therapy and prevention eco-depended and some other diseases of childhood in the region of Western Kazakhstan», № 0108RK00060 0109RK00020 (2009, 2015).
► Scientific Council for surgery. Research Project: "Development and optimization of methods for diagnosis and treatment of purulent-septic diseases in emergency surgery», № 0108RK00032 (2008, 2013).
► Research Council therapy. Research Project: "Problems of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases", number 0101RK00126
► Research Council of hygiene, medical and environmental issues. Research Project: "Hygiene and health and environmental problems anthropogenic man-made pollution of the environment and the health of the population", 0105RK00186 number.
► Research Council biomedical disciplines. Research Project: "The study of the pharmacological activity of domestic oil herbal remedies from local herbs», № 0107RK00437.
► Research Council morphological disciplines. Research Project: "A pattern of changes in the internal organs under the influence of destabilizing factors in the ontogeny experiment in pathology and correct them", 0105RK00080 number (2005 to 2012).
► Research Council of dentistry. Research Project: "Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics of drugs used in clinical practice", 0105RK00079 number.
West Kazakhstan State Medical University with 55 years of experience in the education system of Kazakhstan is a highly competitive university in the educational and health services, focused on the introduction of innovative methods and technologies for training.
Achieving these objectives is achieved through sharing experiences with medical schools have a century of experience, the improvement of knowledge and training of teachers on the basis of foreign universities. Business and scientific-educational university partners are:
► State Scientific-Research Institute of Clinical and Experimental Lymphology, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Novosibirsk, Russia;
► FGI "Federal Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology" of the Federal Agency for Health and Social Development. Moscow, Russia;
► South Branch of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine "Crimean AgrotechnologicalUniversity", Simferopol, Ukraine;
► HPE "Astrakhan State Medical Academy", Astrakhan, Russia;
► HPE "Orenburg State Medical Academy", Orenburg, Russia;
► Inter-Regional Society of evidence-based medicine. Moscow, Russia;
► Center for Public Health of the University named after I.Zemmelveys, Budapest, Hungary;
► Poznan University of Medical Sciences Poland;
► SEI HPE "Samara State Medical University", Samara, Russia;
► Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Kaunas, Lithuania;
► Belarusian State Medical University, Belarus;
► SEI HPE "Saratov State Medical University named after Razumovsky"Saratov, Russia;
► Zaporozhye State Medical University. Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after Marat Ospanov – an active participant in the development of health care and medical training. University aims at solving the main task – to create a system of care, central to which it would take an early diagnosis, effective, patient-centered system of treatment and follow-up care at home. This work is based on innovation, which the university is implementing not only in the diagnostic and treatment process, but also in the very system of relationships in health care.
The University has its own clinics:
◊ Medical Center
◊ Clinic of Family Medicine
◊ Dental Clinic
Clinic part of the health care system in Western Kazakhstan, the main goal – to best suit the needs of the population in preventive, diagnostic and treatment, medical and social assistance, and drug.