Student’s scientific society

Student`s scientific society of WKSMU named after Marat Ospanov was organized in 1958, when the first student scientific circles (SSC) were organized. 12 departments stood at the origins of formation of student’s science, and in process of the organization of new chairs and increase in number of teachers with an academic degree also the quantity of circles increased. The first research supervisors of student scientific circles of AkSMI were people gifted, educated, purposeful, and capable to carry away youth. Among them associate professors, candidates of medical sciences A.P. Sorokin, S.N. Gordina, V.A. Yaglinsky, M.A. Bulyina, V.V. Morozova, V.I. Sennikov, H.E. Mamanova, I.A. Budchanov, A.T. Starodubova, K.K. Sergeyev and others. Student circles of departments of normal anatomy, chemistry, pharmacology, children’s surgery, hospital surgery (nowadays chair of surgical diseases No. 2), obstetrics and gynecology, didn’t lose the traditions and actively work now. For example, in archive of department of normal anatomy the first protocols of meetings of a scientific circle dated 1958, written by the founder of chair, anatomic museum and the curator of a circle professor Alexey Pavlovich Sorokin remained.
Soon pedagogical and scientific activities were started by graduates of AkSMI – academicians: MD, professor N.I. Izimbregenov, MD, professor K.A. Zhamankulov, MD, professor R.S.Kuzdenbayeva, MD, professor O.N. Turebayev, MD, professor T.Zh. Umbetov, MD, professor Zh.K. Ordabayev.
Results of the first scientific operations students of AkSMI could report on the 1st student’s scientific conference, which took place on May 5-6, 1960 on which from 12 departments 25 reports were provided. Operation of conference took place at 2 meetings: the rector (director) of institute of Candidates of Medical Science was the research supervisor of 1stmeeting, associate professor A.B. Dairov, the research supervisor of 2nd meetings – the head of the department of the general hygiene, associate professor L.N. Zhelvakov. These sunny May days 1960 are the beginning in the history of the active union of students of AKGMI to research and development activities and one of stages of formation of own school of sciences.
Now, when passed more than 50 years, going through the turned yellow pages of an aaplet of that first conference, we find names of teachers famous to us in it, scientists, the students who were then 3 courses aren’t higher: academicians N.I. Izimbergenov, O.N. Turebayev, V.M. Bondarenko, Professors T.A. Sultanov, S.G. Akhmetkaliyev.
Since 1961 students of institute began to take part in interuniversity, republican and All-Union scientific student’s conferences, reporting on results of the operations in the Russian, German and English languages in Orenburg, Saratov, Kharkov, Alma-Ata, Tashkent, Moscow and Leningrad.
Since then there was no year when total student’s scientific conference wouldn’t be held. Students, under the leadership of the research supervisors, tried, looked for, created during all academic year and represented totals of the operation at scientific conference.
Since carrying out the first scientific conference of students, since 1960, chairmen and co-chairman of section meetings of conference are students that are one of aspects of implementation of the principles of student’s self-government. Naturally, to be as a part of jury of section when you work with the scientific consultant, as a rule, this is venerable professor, it is a great honor and responsibility. As a part of jury always there were excellent students, members of SSS, the active students. This organization of holding section meetings works and until now, meeting all modern standards of a youth policy in science.
In the 70th years of the XX century operation of SSS quitted on new level: meetings of Council were held monthly, operation in circles in case of chairs and courses was humming: experiments, operation with literature, and the regular meetings of circles.
The essential contribution to business of improvement of quality of student’s scientific researches was made by the vice rector for scientific operation, MD, ProfessorGulsumNigmetovnaKismanova (1999-2008). In case of its direct involvement the active asset of SNO of academy was created. In 2005 to a position of the chairman of the board of SNO it was elected the graduate student of department of normal physiology NurzhamalIdrisovnaKarzhaubayeva. Thanks to the active operation of Board of SNO and support of administration (the rector – the academician of AMS of RK, MD, professor S.F. Berkimbayev) design of programs and collections of conferences (began to be issued in color option) considerably improved, sponsors from among the pharmaceutical companies actively were involved in holding of conferences. From now on scientific connection with the countries of the near and far abroad is successfully established, and since 2005 our scientific conference acquires the status republican, and then and international.
Summing up the results more than 55 years’ operation it is possible to be sure that the Students’ scientific society of WKSMU named after Marat Ospanov is the dynamically developing youth combining carrying the operation based on the traditions put by founders of schools of sciences of AkSMI.