Scientific and practical center

In 1967 in Aktobe State Medical Institute was organized the Central Experimental Laboratory (CEL), the head of CEL was appointed Karlenko Yuri Nikolayevich. 
In 1975 Azhayev Sovet Azhaevich was appointed as the head of CEL.
1976-1999 CEL (since 1980 Central Scientific Research Laboratory) was headed by PhD, the senior scientist TleukhanBegalievichBegalin (now associate professor of department of Epidemiology).
In 1980 in the CEL center was opened Central Scientific Research Laboratory (CSRL), there were 4 research groups –immunological, pathological from the biochemical, radionuclide and scientific organization. The laboratory was equipped with optical, electronic, spectral, laser and X-ray equipment and has a well-equipped operating room. On the basis of Central Research Laboratory conducted the research of more than 250 employees of various departments and courses of the institute. 1980-1984 the CRL staff and faculty of the university carried out research on the topic: "Guidelines for the preservation and promotion of health of Aktobe region are exposed to environmental contamination with chromium and its compounds".
In the 80-90s the efforts of the Institute staff have focused on solving the problems of the leading "Scientific basis for hygiene and occupational diseases".
The laboratory staff working in the creative alliance with scientists Institute of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases named after A.N. Sysina (Moscow), Institute of utilities and general hygiene (Moscow), Institute of Physiology.
Heard of CEL in 1975, associate professor, c.m.s. S.A.Azhaev
Heard of CSRL in 1975-1999, associate professor, c.m.s. T.B.Begalin
Academician A.A. Bogomolca (Kiev), Tver State Medical University, Central Laboratory of Aktobe Plant of chromium compounds, etc. 
In 1999 MD Serik Zhumabaevich Sahipov (professor of department of Surgery CCF) headed the Central Research Laboratory.

Since 1999 to 2000 director of Central Research Laboratory was Bolat Samievich Nazhimov (now MD). 
Since 2000 till November, 2008 MD Galina Chukanova (now assistant professor of pharmacology) was the director of Central Research Laboratory and from 2006 Science Center (NC).In 2000-2003 CRL carried out on the basis of sectorial state scientific and technical program "Development of methods for correcting failure of various organs and systems with the aid of fetal therapy".
In January, 2006 Central Research Laboratory was reorganized to the Research Center (RC), and in November, 2008 to the Scientific and Practical Center (SPC). During existence on the basis of CRL (nowadays NPTs) executed more than 150 doctoral and master's theses, about 2000 scientific works are published, more than 50 patents for inventions are taken out.
At different times in the CRL fruitfully worked: G.D.Zhumagalieva (now MD, PhD), O.M.Kurmangaliyev (now MD, PhD), Y.I.Budchanov (now MD, associate professor of the Tver State Medical Academy), S.D.Omarov (PhD), Z.F.Sinitskaya (now PhD, associate professor), T.A.Sultanov (now MD, academic professor) E.Sh.Shayhimov (now MD, academic professor), V.G.Aristenko (now MD, PhD, and retiree) and etc.
In November, 2008 scientific center was reorganized into the Scientific and Practical Center (SPC), the head is appointed Candidates of Medical Science Kibatayev Kozy Murzakhanovich.
Head of the SPC from 2008 till 2013, c.m.s. K.M.Kibataev
In 2010 annexes to the state license for occupation medical, profession of a physician on separate subspecies (pathological anatomy is received; sanitary and hygienic and laboratory researches: measurement of noise, vibration, EMP, etc. physical factors; radiometry and dosimetry; the sanitary and chemical; laboratory diagnostics: all-clinical trials and immunological researches).
Since February, 2013 the head of SPC is S.K.Sakhanova.
Head of the SPC since 2013, MD S.K.Sakhanova
Since 2013 employees of SPC participate in implementation of scientific and technical programs for program target and grant financing of MHSD and MES of RK.
SPC together with department of public health care and social medicine carries out the scientific project on intramural financing.
Deputy head of SPC Zh.T.Nurgazin
SPC incorporates scientific laboratories and department of educational and practical laboratories:
Scientific laboratories:
Tasks of scientific laboratories is carrying out research work on development and improvement of models of pathological states, methods of their diagnostics and treatment, and also works according to the programs financed by MHSD/MES of RK and by extrabudgetary funds.
– morphological (carrying out patho-morphological and histo-chemical researches).
Associateprofessor, c.m.s. N.Nasirov works in CSRL since 1976
– immunological (carrying out modern researches of cellular and humoral immunity)
Associateprofessor, MD B.V.Zasorin works in CSRL since 1980
– biochemical (performance of various biochemical researches of proteinaceous, carbohydrate, lipid exchanges, activities of various enzymes, etc.)
Senior laboratory assistant of biochemical laboratory S.U.Bekbusinovaworke in CSRL since 1974
– bacteriological (makes researches on allocation of bacteria of biological material and objects of environment, to definition of anti-genes and antibodies)
Medical laboratory assistant of the bacteriological laboratory T.I.Pestryakova
Objects of educational laboratories are ensuring high-quality implementation of educational process according to the state obligatory standards of specialties, educational working plans, training working programs of disciplines, plans of educational and methodical works and other documentation. It agrees the schedule approved by the vice rector for study in educational and practical laboratories practical (laboratory) training of students is given.
Educational and practical laboratories
– the morphological laboratory carries out morphological researches (cuts of fabrics, the digital micro photo, obtaining information on a condition of fabrics).
Lessons in morphological laboratory of Professor UmbetovT.Zh.
Lessons in morphological laboratory.Laboratory assistant Bagimbayeva G.M.
– the hygienic laboratory carries out hygienic researches of microclimate, physical and chemical factors.
Development of practical skill in hygienic laboratory carries out junior research scientist G.M.Urgushbayeva
– the physiological laboratory carries out functional diagnostic testing (growth measurement, spirometry, an electromyography, EEG, an electrocardiogram, rheograph)
Laboratory assistant of physiological laboratory E.I.Kusanova
– the biochemical laboratory carries out biochemical researches of proteinaceous, carbohydrate, lipid exchanges, and also metabolites of an exchange of chromoprotein in blood and urine.
– the microbiological laboratory carries out researches on identification of microorganisms in biological material and objects of environment.
Head of laboratory O.V.Zavalennaya and laboratory assistant S.M.Batyrova
All laboratories are placed according to sanitary plans and norms of RK and SGSE of RK 5.03.014-2006 (Educational and scientific laboratories of higher education institutions).
As a part of SPC the procedural office works.
T.K.Erimbetova – the nurse of the highest category works in a procedural office since 2009.
Procedural office. Nurse T.K.Erimbetova
Since 2009 work of student scientific circles is organized:
– hygienic laboratory together with chair of food, municipal hygiene and occupational health (definition of mycotoxins in food on the liquid chromatograph);
– physiological laboratory with department of normal physiology (definition of function of bronchopulmonary system of students – work on Spiro's device of S-100);
– morphological laboratory with department of pathological physiology (morpho-functional researches of internals at chromic intoxication) and department of histology;
– biochemical laboratory with department of biochemistry (biochemical researches of proteinaceous, carbohydrate, lipid exchanges in blood and urine);
As a part of SPC the vivarium (the contents and cultivation of different types of the laboratory animals necessary at carrying out research works of teaching stuff, undergraduates, doctoral candidates, students and educational process) functions.
Senior researcher of biochemical laboratory A.K. Berdgaleeva and students
The big contribution to ensuring scientific process with different types of experimental animals was made by employees of vivarium Abramchenko Anna Afanasyevna (managed it more than 20 years), Milberte Genriyeta Georgiyevna (nowadays the pensioner) and etc.
From 2001 till 2013 M.M.Berdybekova managed the vivarium.
Manager of a vivarium with 2001-2013 M.M. Berdybekova
Since October, 2013 E.I.Kusanova manages
The vivarium of SPC provides the operational block for performance of surgeries on laboratory animals and creations of experimental models of the pathological states necessary at carrying out various research works as the faculty, students of circle, undergraduates, and doctoral candidates of university.
SPC provides workplaces for performance of initiative researches, rendering the advisory, scientific and methodical help to undergraduates, doctoral candidates.
The structure of NPTs includes Department of management of scientific and innovative activity.
In 2009 the department functioned as scientific and clinical division of WKSMU named after Marat Ospanov. The first head was c.m.s., associate professor G.N.Chukanova.
Since 2010 the department heads c.m.s. A.M.Baspakova.
Head of department of scientific and innovative activity of c.m.s. A.M.Baspakova
The main objectives of department – implementation of planning and coordination of research and clinical activity of divisions of university, including own clinics.
In structure of department function:
– biostatistics sector
The main objectives of employees of sector of biostatistics are:
The organization of works on mathematic-statistical support and maintenance of medical and epidemiological researches, drawing up the program of works, generalization of the received results, acquaintance of the research and educational personnel and young scientists with biomedical statistics, development of student's science and creativity of young scientists and teaching stuff.
Employees of sector of biostatistics senior research scientist G.G. Erimbetova and junior research scientist S.K.Zhumagaliyeva
– sector of clinical epidemiology
Junior research scientistE.O.Butinchinova
– sector of patent and information, innovative development and transfer of high technologies
Patent engineer senior research scientist Sariyeva A.A.
The main objectives of patent engineers – the organization and performance of work for ensuring patent purity of scientific researches, rendering the methodical help to developers in its carrying out, consultation and the practical help, when developing the estimated invention, registration and submission of documentation in NIIO, ensuring protection of the rights and interests of inventors.
In different years in department patent engineers worked: c.m.s. A.I.Mannapova, A.B.Nagmetova, methodologists Z.A.Imangazin, Zh.Muzatov.
Meeting at the vice rector for scientific and clinical work T.A.Dzharkenov