Council of Young Scientists

For more than 40 years at the university operates NGO "Council of young scientists." To be sure, the Council of Young Scientists (CYS) West Kazakhstan State Medical University named after Marat Ospanov was organized in 1971 by order of the Rector of the Institute of Doctor of Medicine, Professor T.Sh. Sharmanov.
In the early years of the regulations were developed this organization, defining the main directions of the work of young scientists, their rights and responsibilities. Then the Board of Young Scientists of the Institute includes young teachers under the age of 30 years. Later, in 2006 at a meeting of CYS, it was decided to extend the age of board members to 35 years.
The board consists of young employees of the university who share research interests. All members of the Council, as a rule, in the past were members of student scientific circles of various departments. Among the members of the board in different years were graduate students, medical residents, applicants’ degrees.
At the present stage of council members, residents, graduate students, teachers, trainees, this year, their total number is more than 120 people.
The main task of the Council – to consolidate the young scientific and teaching staff of the University in terms of academic employment, a certain continuity of generations in the university, as most of the members of the board – it's disciples and followers of recognized scientific schools, established at the University in specialties such as surgery, oncology, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, etc.
Council meetings are routinely held once a month CYS chairmen over the years were employees who currently work within the walls of native high school, as well as in other metropolitan universities in Kazakhstan and abroad. Among them S.Dosmagambetova,M.Sarkulov, N.Karzhaubaeva, G.Zhurabekova, A.Romankulova, etc.As a rule, all the chairmen of the Council of young scientists coming in and are part of the Academic Council of the University.
 At present, the main work and the activities carried out under orders CYS RK 2008 "On the advice of the young scientists in research organizations and higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and on the basis of the Charter of the Council of Young Scientists of the University.
 CYS significant contribution to the life of the University is to organize and conduct scientific competitions for young scientists, their participation in various conferences, youth delegates receive public research institutions, as well as the integration of intercollegiate young scientific community.
 Council of Young Scientists took measures in many areas, and they are concerned not only science. But because the primary activity of CYS connected with science, it is primarily celebrated a major contribution of young scientists in the organization and conduct of the various conferences of the university. In cooperation with the scientific community, annual student scientific student conferences on topical issues of theoretical and practical medicine.
 Young scientists of the University has been actively involved in organizing the annual conferences of the Small Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor TolandKarimovichKarimov and female students in secondary schools and colleges.
 One of the major events took place in 2009, when together with the Regional Council of young scientists was organized and hosted by the Regional Scientific Conference on the implementation of the strategy "Kazakhstan 2030" and the annual Messages of the President of N.A. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan on issues of citizenship of young people. The conference was dedicated to the Year of Youth of Kazakhstan. At this conference, the prizes in the section "Medical Science" won the students of our university.
 The members of the Council of young scientists showed an active part in the organization of scientific and practical conference with international participation "Actual problems of Coloproctology"; republican scientific-practical conference "Actual problems of zoonoses, particularly dangerous infections, and clinical medicine in the Republic of Kazakhstan" dedicated to the memory and the 70th anniversary of the birth of a remarkable physician, a prominent scientist and public figure, a professor of the University KuandykDuysenovichDuisenov.
The work of the Council of young scientists is highly valued by the Department of Health Aktobe region, the regional department of internal policy for showing active in organizing various activities, including work done with a "society of persons with disabilities' participation in voluntary movements and other actions.
 Young scientists of the University are also actively involved in the public life of the university. So, in conjunction with the Regional Health Department, Society for the Protection of patients with disabilities, volunteer club "DAR", the organization Peace Corps Kazakhstan in 2009 was organized and conducted a training workshop on "Community. Health.Mercy. "
 In December 2009, members of the Council of Young Scientists in conjunction with the Regional Centre for the fight against AIDS and its prevention was organized a two-week campaign on the forms and methods of prevention of AIDS among pupils and students of the city. The shares were held in three secondary schools with student’s grades 10-11, as well as in three high schools in the College of Law. In this case, popularly discussed the serious problems of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations and prevention of HIV infection. The final stage of this campaign was to conduct involving the regional and national media collection to the Fund for Children Aktobe region with AIDS. The collected funds were transferred to the mother of an infected child.
 In celebration of the 65th anniversary of victory in World War II in May 2010 young scientists held a rally on delivery of in-home commemorative medals and gifts from the University of Veterans of the Great Patriotic War.
 Young scientists of the University – it is the hope and pride of our university's future. Receiving high praise of their scientific research and social activities, as well as certificates, awards and grants in various competitions, young scientists demonstrate their scientific maturity and contribute to the prestige of his Alma mater.