Department of Academic Work

   The Department of Academic Work is the leading structural unit of the university in the management and coordination of the educational process subordinated to the Vice-Rector for educational work. It performs tasks of planning and organizing the educational process, developing normative documents on educational and methodical work, diagnosing the educational process and analyzing the quality of specialist training.
The goal of DAW activities is to contribute to the fulfillment of the university mission of training highly specialized competitive health professionals, providing the educational process with latest educational technologies.
The main objectives of DAR activities include:
* Development of a competence-based approach to training, development of working curricula for all specialties of the university, their adjustment and updating in accordance with the requirements of ensuring the quality of the educational process in the framework of the credit system of training and employers' requests.
* Integration of science, clinics and education, improvement of the educational process with the introduction of new scientific and innovative achievements in medicine and education.
* Accounting and control of the contingent of students in all specialties, courses, forms of training and the timely provision of all types of reporting on the contingent of students in higher organizations.
* Participation in the development and implementation of a comprehensive program of IT penetration of educational process management.
* Organization of work to ensure practices in all specialties, analysis and control of its implementation, the implementation of measures to improve efficiency.
* Analysis of the results of the educational process with the development of specific proposals for its further improvement, the development of recommendations for prospective and strategic plans for the university development.
* Ensuring of the University leading position in the provision of educational services among higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the entry of WKМОSMU into the world educational space.
   The Department of Academic Work carries out long-term and current planning and inspection of the entire educational process, maintains control over the compilation of teaching, accounting and reporting documentation, and keeps records and movements of students. The department controls professional practices of students, provides employment for graduates, prepares reporting documentation, as well as current and operational information for the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The structure of DАW includes:

• Department of Planning the Educational Process;

• Methodological Department;

• Department of Professional Training of students and Monitoring Employment of Graduates;

• Testing department;

• Office registrar;

• Student department.

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   There were different heads of department and methodolists in different years: Professor V.P. Veklenko, Professor B.I. Baspaev, K.B. Abdrakhmanov, associate professors А.G. Bekkuzhin, R.E. Egemberdieva, G.V. Veklenko, L.N. Vlasova, A.N. Zheksenova, and S.S. Kurmangaliyeva, G.K. Jakanova, G. A. Temirova, G.A. Mutigulina, A.Zh. Dosimov, G.A. Batyrova, U.Zh. Bishenova, G.I. Issayev, A.I. Bekkuzhina, N.B. Polupanova, V.A. Volkova, S.M. Gubaidullina, B.I. Shamshi, A.N. Volkov, A.T. Turapin, L.G. Pamurzin, G.B. Akhmetgaliyev,M.A. Artykbayeva, A.A. Burkhard, S.Yu. Shikanova.
   Since 2007 to 2013 the Educational Methodological Center was supervised be the pediatrician of highest qualification category, high achiever of healthcare association, professor, the candidate of medical sciences S.V. Kim. Since 2013 to 2017 it was supervised by the candidate of medical sciences, professor D.S. Dilmagambetov. Since 2017, the Department of Academic Work has been managing the acting assistant professor, Ph.D. Kurmangaliyeva S.S.


Saulesh Seitzhanovna
Head of the Department of Academic Work ,
candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor




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