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Library of West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University

The foundation of the library of Aktobe State Medical Institute began in 1957 from the moment of the formation of all the departments of the Institute. The first employees were Nina Nikolaevna Devyatova and Zoya Amirzhanovna Kinzhegulova.
By the beginning of the first academic year, the library's book fund accounted for only a few tens of thousands of textbooks, manuals, monographs that came from the libraries of the leading medical schools of the Soviet Union. During the period of the heading of the library by Epishkina Lidia Ivanovna (1961-1972), who came from the Kharkov Library Institute, the work became more active. She sought to bring the service system in the library to the level of the Moscow and Leningrad libraries. At that time, the main staff of the library was formed: V.I.Trifonova, A.I.Boradulina, G.P.Yatsuk and others. A great work was done to replenish the book fund, card files, subject and systematic catalogs, an alphabetical catalog were created. The book fund was completed taking into account the educational and scientific programs of the Institute; the work on using the inter-library exchange system was clearly established.
In 1961-1972, the library's fund was about 280 thousand books. Readers' conferences, literary evenings, watching of movies and their subsequent discussion were held. Book exhibitions were always organized for scientific conferences and significant dates.
In 1972 - 1994, the library was headed by D.G.Zainullina.
Since 2005, head of the library is G.A.Tyurezhanova. The library staff was enlarged by young specialists: I.I.Kryazhova, U.Zh.Bishenova, O.A.Kirilchuk, G.T.Zhailiauova, R.Kh.Enaleeva, L.A.Syrbova and others.
Now, the modern material and technical base of the library allows organizing specialized reading rooms for working with electronic resources. There are 5 subscriptions, 4 reading rooms, a room for working with electronic resources with Internet access in the library.
For individual work of teachers and students, the university library provides the opportunity to work with databases of electronic libraries: ELS "Doctor Consultant", "Student Consultant", "EBSCO", "Cochrane Library", "Paragraph", etc.
Reference and bibliographic apparatus is a subject, systematic, alphabetic and electronic catalogs. Scientific processing of documents is carried out according to the universal decimal classification (UDC) and the full 4th edition of "Medical rubrics. Medical Subject Headings. The Russian version of Thesaurus. ". The electronic catalog includes bibliographic databases "Books", "Bookprovision of the educational process", "Articles", "Documents in the state language", "Documents in foreign languages", "Electronic books". A full-text electronic library "Scientific Works of Employees" is being created. The activity of the library are aimed at improving information support for new directions in the development of medical education, science and health.

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