Department of Pharmacology

        Pharmacology department was created in 1959. The first organizer and head of the department was the candidate of medical science and docent Vasilii Mihaylovich SENNIKOV. Then he has become a Doctor of Medicine, professor, honored science worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
          The science work to explore of ways in preventing and treating of the chrome intoxications was carried out by his leadership. The first assistances of the department N.K. Naumova and V.Ye.Kurakina got their PhD.
In 1965 the c.m.s. and docent Babkin Ashotovich Vartazaryan was elected for the position - head of the department. Scientific researchers of the choleresis issues for difficulties with the extrarenal bile ducts and pancreases were conducted by him.
Owning to the departure of B.A.Vartazaryan, the candidate of biological science and docent Vera Estafiyevna Kurakina served as the head of the department from 1967 till 1968. She was paid special attention in organizing of the educational process with the establishing of the training/learning recommendations. V.E.Kurakina was awarded by "Straight A student at the school in USSR".
          In 1968 the doctor of medical science and professor Turegeldi Sharmanovich Sharmanov was the rector of the institute and also head of the pharmacology department (now he is the honorary president of the Kazakh Nutrition Academy, academic of RMSA, NSA and PMA of RK, State Prize laureate of RK, "Tarlan" Prize laureate and International Prize of Leon Bernar "Public Health Hero").
            T.Sh.Sharmanov combined 8 institute departments and organized scientific laboratories between departments in nutrition of healthy and sick people on the base of pharmacology department. These researches help to find and to justify an important pattern, which defining vitamin necessities of organism depend on the protein quantity and quality, its balance in commons with the fat, carbohydrates and therefore to develop and to deepen concepts of the balanced diet.
        Raysa Salmaganbetovna Kuzdenbayeva, who was graduated from the Aktobe State Medical Institute, led the department from 1971 till 2001. In 1968 she got her postgraduate diploma and in 1981 got the doctoral thesis. In 1983 she was promoted to a full professor, in 1994 was the Associate, in 2003 was the academic of NSA, in 1995 was the Associate of MSA of RK and the academic of Preventive Medicine Academy.
       The Academic of NSA of RK, R.S.Kuzdebayeva is the founder of the school for scientists and pharmacologists in Kazakhstan, where teaching features of medicine pharmacological actions in impairment of the metabolic rate is changed by nutrition habits. In 1981 a teaching of the new subject - clinical pharmacology was organized by R.S.Kuzdebayeva for the first time.
       In 1994 scientific researching works of the department in exploring pharmacological properties from the state vegetable raw materials were started establish by R.S.Kuzdebayeva.
     In 1997 phytoextracts, medicines such as "Nettle oil", "Oil liquorices", "Burdock root oil", polyphyte oil "Shukur", biologically active additives such as oil extracts from the rhubarb root, elecampane, dandelion, sage leaf, which registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan, were established in the pharmacology department.
R.S.Kuzdenbayeva is the author of several monographs and more than 500 scientific works. R.S Kuzdenbayeva was decorated with the order "The Badge of Honour", "Excellent Worker of Public Health of USSR", medal "10 years of Independence Kazakhstan", "Letter of thanks from the President of RK N.A.Nazarbayev" for her good scientific and educational methodology. In 2001 she was awarded by State Prize of Republic of Kazakhstan in the scientific, technology and educational sphere for her contribution to science. In 2002 R.S.Kuzdenbayeva was awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen of Aktobe" and in 2005 was awarded th Order of "Kurmet", in 2007 awarded by Mikhayl Lomonosov RF. From 2005 till 2015 she led the Pharmacological Center of RSE National Center for Expertise of medicines, medical items and equipment of RK, now she is the head of the medicine side effects monitoring, which was established in the National Center.   
           Works in exploring issues of pharmacoepidemiology and pharmacoeconomic medicines parallel with the scientific researches of phytopharmacology, which are used in the clinical practice, have organized since 2000. According to this problem, 1 Doctoral and 7 Postgraduate thesis were taken by the department researchers.
          In 2001 the department was combined with the biochemistry department, and the doctor of medicine, professor Sagidulla Elemesovich Imambayev has led until 2003.
         From 2003 till 2010 the graduate of ASMI Nadiya Malikovna Mavlyudova was the head of department. She has worked in the department since 1978, and took Postgraduate diploma in 1989, doctoral thesis in 1998. In 1974 she has become the Docent, in 2006 was the Professor. Now she is the Professor of department and author of more than 250 scientific publications, 1 monograph, 4 practical aids, 10 copyright certificates. In 2006 N.M.Mavlyudova was awarded by the order "Excellent worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Healthcare", in 2007 was awarded by the order "Prize of developing Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan".
          From 2010 till 2013 the department was led by the graduate of ASMI Svetlana Kaliullayevna Sakhanova. In 1996 she took Postgraduate diploma and in 2010 got Doctoral thesis. Now she is the head of the Scientific Practical Center of WKMOSMU.
           From 2013 till 2016 the department was led by the graduate of our University Saule Sagingaliyevna Iskakova, now she is the head of the Department of Strategic and international works. In 2008 she took the Postgraduate thesis, and in 2010 through the international scholarships of the President RK "Bolashak", she got an internship of pharmacology in the Poznan Medical University (Poland), in 2016 she was promoted to the full professor. From 2008 till 2005 she was the executive secretary of Admission Boards of WKMOSMU. S.S.Iskakova is the author of more than 50 scientific works, under her leadership 1 Postgraduate thesis was taken, 2 Doctoral thesis PhD, 1 master's thesis. In 2012 S.S.Iskakova was awarded by the order " Excellent worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Healthcare".
          Nowadays, the department was led by the graduate of our University Zhansulu Zhumabekovna Nurgaliyeva. She has worked as a trainees since 2003, as a teacher since 2006, as Acting Docent since 2012. In 2010 she took the Postgraduate thesis. She has been the executive secretary of University since 2016. She is the author of more than 30 scientific works, got 1 Master's thesis.
Now, there are employees in the department:
         Galina Nikolayevna Chukanova - since 1984 after her graduating of the Aktobe State Medical Institute. In 1996 she took the Postgraduate thesis, she has been a senior lecturer since 1998, as Acting Docent since 2006, in 2008 was appointed in Docent. From 2000 till 2008 was the head of the Scientific Center (in the past was SRLC) of WKMOSMU, from 2009 till 2010 was the first head of the Scientific Clinical Department, which was created by the Vice-Rector of the Scientific and clinical work, from 2006 till 2011 was the executive secretary of the magazine "West Kazakhstan Medical Magazine". She is the author of more than 120 scientific publications, 8 copyright certificates, 5 teaching aids and recommendations. She took 1 Postgraduate thesis and 1 Doctoral thesis PhD.
         Lyudmila Kaphisovna Kazhanova is the graduate of the Aktobe State Medical Institute, she has been a teacher of the department since 1971, took the Postgraduate thesis in 1979. From 1994 till 1999 she was the Chairman of the works committee of the ASMI coworker, she is the author of more than 40 scientific publications. She was awarded by the Order " Excellent worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Healthcare".
         Eleonora Baktybayevna Nurbaulina graduated the ASMI in 1994. She has worked as a teacher in the department since 2007, as senior teacher since 2015. She took the Postgraduate thesis in 2010. She is the author of more than 10 scientific publications.
            Aigerim Aldiyarkyzy Balapasheva graduated the WKMOSMU (2015). She has worked as an intern teacher in the department.
Laboratory technicians O.G.Unger and K.I/Kanavalova have been working for many years, and now a senior laboratory technician A.Sarbulatova and a laboratory technician  D.Belgina are working with them.
         Between years have worked: Y.I.Izotova-Yaraslavskaya; V.I.Nesterov; A.G.Palagutin; c.m.s., docent Y.G.Romova; d.m.s., professor T.K.Karimov; d.m.s., professor G.M.Pichkhadze; c.m.s. A.U.Sagimbayev; c.b.s., docent V.Y.Kurakina; c.m.s., docent A.U.Aldabergenova; c.b.s. T.G.Yarovaya; S.A.Rystina; M.G.Baibatshayeva; A.ARamazanova; S.B.Dusipov; T.T.Utarova; c.m.s. A.S.Zholmurzayeva; c.m.n. A.Sh. Sartayeva and etc.
From 2012/2013 the training scientific-pedagogical personnel with the educational program "Master's degree" (6М 110 100) and "PhD studies" (6D 110 100) were started. Scientific researches within the scientific - technical program of the Republic of Kazakhstan Health Ministry "Development of new technology of child health and reproduction health" (№ ГР 0114РК00485) together with the Pharmacology and Immunology Department of the Poznan Medical Science University after K.Marchikovskii (Poland) have established since 2013. Scientific researches of master's and PhD students deal with the difficulties of developing effective methods of pharmacotherapy of 2 pancreatic diabetes type. The work is proving with the foreign colleagues Marzena Dworacka (MD, PhD, рrof. Department of Pharmacology Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland) и Grzegorz Dworacki (MD, PhD, рrof. Department of Clinical Immunology Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Poland).The student scientific club has started since the earlier years of the Department grounds. Activity members of this club were: B.Minayev (now he is a doctor of Medical science, professor, rector of the Stavropol Medical Institute), N.Nistratov, N.Mavlyudova, G.Baidosova, N.Ovcharenko, D.Osokin, D.Demchuk, Zh.Oralbekova, D.Zholdybayeva and etc. Nowadays, "Phytopharmocologist", students, who are activity members and leaders of republican and international students scientific conferences, symposiums and congresses, are working in the Department.
More than 40 scientific candidates and doctors, 3 doctors PhD, 3 Master's students were trained there and more than 1500 scientific, training and mythological works were published.


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