The course of communication skills

jd22555The course of communication skills was organized in 2012 (head-Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Mamyrbaeva M. A.) at the Department of General Medical Practice №1. From the 2020-2021 academic year, the course of communication skills as a discipline became part of the Department of Clinical Laboratory and Visual Diagnostics. By Order of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan №582 of December 1, 2006, the SES defines educational programs in medical universities. One of the basic disciplines and a mandatory component is the discipline "Communication skills". Communication skills is a clinical discipline that studies the psychological foundations of the process of interaction in the doctor – health worker – patient system.
Since 2007, the discipline "Communication skills" was first taught at the Department of General Medical Practice (head-Professor Azhmadiy Smagulovich Derbisalin). The staff of this department carried out a lot of methodological work. The following training manuals were issued: "Counseling and patient education", Communication skills in the work of the doctor of General practice", "Gelpi practically drger imisindo communicative ddylai".
Further, this discipline was taught at the following departments: outpatient pediatrics, otolaryngology, dermatovenerology, children's diseases №2, urology.
The head of the course Mamyrbaeva Marzia Abdramanova - pediatrician of the highest qualification category. She was awarded the badge "Kazakh densaulyk saktau isinin uzdigi" (2000), the medal "Enbek Ardageri" (2020). Accredited independent expert of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Clinical experience – 48 years. Scientific and pedagogical experience – 42 years. She studied in postgraduate studies at the 1st Moscow State Medical Institute named after I. M. Sechenov. The topic of the PhD thesis is "Clinical and immunological aspects of pneumopathy and pneumonia in newborns". Assistant, associate Professor, head of the Department and course of Children's Diseases of the Medical Faculty, until the closure of the Medical Faculty (from 1978-2011). She headed the Society of Pediatricians of Aktobe (1986-1989; 1994-2006). From 2012 to 2020, he headed the course of communication skills.
Organized and adjusted the work of the course of communication skills. First-and second-year students master basic communication skills such as active listening, empathy, commenting, informing, and feedback. Further, in the senior courses, the development of professional communication skills, that is, communication skills in real situations "doctor-patient". Communication training is based not on the transfer of theoretical knowledge, but on the formation of experience in professional medical communication and effective use in the course of practical classes and in the supervision of patients
Professor Ewa Mojs, PhD (Poznan University of Medical Sciences Ul (visiting-professors) conducts practical classes with students. 2019, October
Professor Ewa Mojs, PhD (Poznan University of Medical Sciences Ul. 2019, with staff of WKMU. (visiting-professor)
Professor Ewa Mojs, PhD (Poznan University of Medical Sciences Ul. 2019, with staff of course. (visiting-professor)
f57x25fOn academic mobility with the exchange of experience in teaching the discipline Communication skills, the head of the Department of Communication Skills of S. D. Asfendiyarov KazNMU, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor Bagiyarova Fatima Arystanovna conducted classes and gave lectures on communication skills to students at the children's hospital of the AMC. She taught the method of personal psychohygiena "Self-control according to Asimov", which will help students-future doctors to improve communication, reduce the risks of conflicts in relationships and avoid many psychosomatic diseases, and generally achieve more productive behavior (November 2018)
V1 International annual conference "Actual problems of communication skills, psychology and social work in medicine: from theory to practice" Almaty, 2019.Left to right: Canusina M. A., D. M. n.. the Professor MBA, Director of the Institute of international education as, Prague, Czech Republic; associate Professor mamyrbaeva M. A.; Asimov, M. A., Ph. D., Professor. communication skills KAZ NMU. S. D. Asfendiyarov; maciejowski L. L., head.DEP. medical psychology and communication skills NAO "Medical universitymanaged"; Bagirova F. A., Ph. D., associate Professor of hands. DEP. communication skills of Kaz NMU named after S. D. Asfendiyarov
sf555fdc32Under the guidance of Associate Professor M. A. Mamyrbayeva, the course won grant funding from the MES RK NTP on the topic: "Scientific development of early diagnosis and treatment of viral infectious hepatitis in newborns and young children" (2013-2015). Three master's theses were defended on this topic (Nurgaliev N. M., Kalieva A., Tulegenova G. A.). The course staff performed research on the topic: Development of new technologies for child health and reproductive health", program-targeted funding (2014-2016). Research work was carried out on an intra-university grant on the topic: "Features of the clinical course and tactics of administration of gemmaragic vasculitis in children with herpesvirus infections". 70 printed works have been published, including 5 articles, 5 textbooks, 3 methodological recommendations, 10 acts of implementation in practical health care.
Master Zhylkybaev Aliya Kalievna (2013-2015). Currently, the assistant of the Department of normal physiology.
Direction: M. B. M. Nurgaliev N. M. Shilmanova, A. B. G. Ismambetova.K. PhD Miraleyva A. I., PhD, associate Professor M. A. Mamyrbaeva, Kuchaeva A. M. PhD Tuyakbayev A. M. 2016.
A. Маmyrbaeva as a coach-expert communication skills in the framework of the roadmap of the project Misr RK "Modernization of medical education" for 2016-2019 conducts refresher courses "Development of communicative skills of students in clinical disciplines", remotely-fulltime PPS clinical departments of the University.
Since the purpose of studying the subject "Communication skills" is the formation and development of communication skills of a doctor in society (with the patient, his relatives, colleagues), employees pay great attention to educational work, in particular, the assimilation of the basic principles of medical ethics, the basics of corporate culture, legal education, aesthetic education.
The course was attended by associate Professor Aringazina R. A., assistants: Zhankulova L. Zh., Kushaeva A.M., Master of Medical Sciences Nazym Asyl, Candidate of Medical Sciences Tuyakbayev A.M., Sydygalieva Z. M.
Currently working: Ismambetova G. K., Candidate of Medical Sciences Miraleeva A. I., Murzagalieva A. Zh., Master of Medicine Nurgaliev N. M., Taldybaeva A. Zh., Shilmanova A. B.
The Cathedral of the meeting, 2016.
From left to right: laboratory assistant M. B. Khangereeva, assistants: A. B. Shilmanova, G. K. Ismambetova, Ph. D. A. M. Tuyakbayev, Ph. D. A. I. Miraleyeva, A. M. Kushaeva, M. M. N. M. Nurgaliev.
Assistant Shilmanova Akmanat Babaomarovna – the doctor of the highest qualification category. After graduation, she worked as a pediatrician in the Baiganinsky CRH, in the "Children's Home" in Aktobe, as a doctor of the emergency room of the GDB №2. Medical experience - 35 years, teaching experience-28 years. For 28 years (since 1992), he has been working at the Marat Ospanov WKMU as an assistant at the Department of Children's Diseases of the Faculty of Medicine. And with the opening of the course of commutative skills, he teaches this discipline. More than 25 publications have been published, including 2 Scopus articles, 1 textbook, 8 acts of implementation in practical health care. She has repeatedly made presentations at conferences and conducted seminars with practical health care. Report "Assessment of communication skills in medical university students by the OCE method" at the international scientific and practical conference "Pedagogical Science and Practice", St. Petersburg, 30.01.2020.
Shilmanova A. B. mastered the echocardiographic study of patients (Bakulev National Research Medical Center of the USSR, Kazakh Research Institute of Cardiology, Almaty, 1993). Consults patients and conducts echocardiogrophic examination of inpatient patients in the departments of intensive care, pulmonology, neurology, surgery and outpatient patients. Conducts a huge educational work on the course with students on the following topics: professional education, civil and patriotic, spiritual and moral, family, intellectual and creative, the formation of a healthy lifestyle, and labor education, about the anti-corruption standard. Conducts training sessions in Russian, Kazakh and English.
Staff of the course, along with educational and methodological, research work, carry out a huge medical work on the basis of the children's hospital of the AMC.
Assistant Shilmanova A. B. with the students of the international medical faculty, 2019.
Assistant Shilmanova A. B holds echocardiographic examination
Assistant, Master of Medicine Nurgaliyev Nurlybek Maksutovich-pediatrician of the highest medical qualification category, supervises patients in the pulmonology and hematology departments, is on duty at the children's hospital of the AMC. Medical experience -23 years, teaching experience -9 years. After graduating from the university, he worked as an infectious disease doctor in the KDMC; a pediatrician in the Phoenix clinic, in the city children's clinical hospital; head of the somatic department of the GDKB in Aktobe. Since September 2012, he has been working as an assistant in the course of Communication skills at the Ospanov Moscow State University. In 2010, a master class was held with the participation of foreign teachers in the ASHIUV of Almaty on the cycle: "OMI MASTER-CLASS DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT OF PEDIATRIC DISEASES". Constantly improves his pedagogical education.
Master Nurgaliev N. M., pediatrician of the highest medical category on a research trip to the Astrakhan State Medical University of the Russian Federation at the Department of Propaedeutics of Children's Diseases, Polyclinic and Neonatal Pediatrics (Head of the Department, MD, Prof. Dzhumagaziev A. A.), 2015.
Assistant Ismambetova Gulmira Kuanyshevna pediatrician of the highest qualification. In 1997, she graduated from AkGMI. The internship was held at the regional children's hospital in Petropavlovsk, North Kazakhstan region. From 1998 to 2003, she was the head of the Infectious Diseases department of the central district hospital in Smirnovo, North Kazakhstan region. Concurrently from 05.1999 to 2003-Deputy Chief physician for medical work in the CRH of Smirnovo. Chief Pediatrician of the Regional Health Department of the North Kazakhstan region (2003-2005); the chief pediatrician of the district Department of health, Yavlena North Kazakhstan region (2005-2009). Resident physician of the Department of Neonatal Pathology of the City Children's Clinical Hospital of Aktobe (2009-2011); pediatrician of the field team of the emergency and emergency medical care station of Aktobe (2011-2014). Freelance reviewer of the Committee for Reducing Child Mortality under the Regional Health Department; supervises the OPC, Temir district. He is a clinical pharmacologist of the children's hospital AMC; participates in the development and implementation of the Drug Form, developed the form of antibacterial drugs and the Program for the rational use of Antimicrobial drugs. Developer of standards for operating procedures on the following topics: "Handling of concentrated electrolytes", "Monitoring of side effects of medicines", "Stage of drug management". As a clinical pharmacologist, conducts an audit of the medical records of an inpatient patient on the rational use of medicines; performs pharmacoeconomical analysis (ABC analysis and VEN analysis) when the purchase of drugs. Supervises patients in the department (pulmonology and allergology).
g5g545g5gAssistant Taldybaeva Aigul Januzakova – pediatrician oversees pediatric patients with diseases of the bronchopulmonary system in the pulmonology Department. Participates in morning conferences, professor rounds, and clinical reviews. Conducts conversations with parents of sick children on a healthy lifestyle, proper feeding and child care, and tempering children. Conducts a lot of work on the methodological support of the educational process in the course. To assess the knowledge of students in the classroom uses: innovative technologies and methods TBL SBL, testing, oral/written survey brainstorming, job apply (work in small groups to solve situational problems), paper presentations, a lecture with the summing-up lessons with the letter of the classes. In the discipline "Nursing in Pediatrics", she is responsible for the summer practical training of students.
g455g5g5gbnAssistant Murzagaliyeva Ardak Jeteshova – doctor infectious disease specialist of the highest qualification category. A member of the regional society of infectious disease specialists, microbiologists, immunologists and epidemiologists and MOH Commission on accreditation of medical institutions in the Aktobe region (2009). Member of the expert commission at "RCIT" LLP of the MOiN of Astana (2011). Awards: letter of thanks from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Winner of the contest "Shapagat" in the nomination "Best doctor" (2009), Diploma and award of the Akim of Aktobe region ( 2009). The letter of thanks of the Minister of health of the MOH for his significant contribution to the formation of a system of accreditation of healthcare of RK (2010).
Bachelor's degree in Management (2007). She worked as an infectious diseases doctor, head of the department, chief doctor of the NEA in the Wilsky, Novorossiysk, districts, Kargalinsky GB, in the State Enterprise "Regional Clinical Infectious Diseases Hospital" on the PCV as a deputy chief doctor, first for organizational and methodological work, then for medical work. He performs clinical work in the city polyclinic №6.
From September 2005 to September 2013, she worked as a teacher at the Department of Epidemiology of the ZKSMU.Marat Ospanov. For 2 years, he was the secretary of the Council of the IPF and the Faculty of Pharmacy, since August 2018, he has been working on the course of communication skills.
Work experience: General-43 years, medical-36 years, teaching-15 years. Author of more than 50 scientific articles, 6 textbooks, 14 acts of implementation in practical health care. Direction of scientific activity-clinical and epidemiological features of brucellosis. Conducts classes in the state and Russian languages.
Assistant Candidate of Medical Sciences Miraleyeva Alua Islamchayevna-in 1997-1999. studied in a clinical residency in family medicine. From 1999 to 2008, 2011-Assistant of the Department of Family Medicine. The topic of the PhD thesis is "Pharmacoepidemiological and pharmacoeconomical aspects of optimizing antibiotic therapy for respiratory tract infections in outpatient settings".
In 2000-2003, she participated in the DFID project(Great Britain) to train teachers of family medicine. Participated in seminars on internal medicine in Salzburg, Austria, 2003, 2008; in the seminar " Women's Health Mission in Kazakhstan. Leadership in public, professional and personal life", Pittsburgh, USA (2003); in a seminar for teachers of family medicine at the University of Wisconsin. Madison, USA (2004); participation in the 17th International Conference of family Physicians WONCA in Orlando, USA (2004). Has more than 30 published scientific papers. She was trained in the English language course at the British Council (July 2000, Almaty), 100 hours. In 2003, together with Derbissalina G. A. and Zhamalieva L. M., she won a grant from the US Embassy in Kazakhstan to open a school for patients in the Family Medicine Clinic. She is co-author ( together with Derbissalin A. S., Derbissalina G. A.) of the training manual "Communication skills in the work of a general practitioner", Karaganda, 2014
MIraleyeva A. I. conducts master classes on communication skills at the regional and republican levels, for doctors and nurses of polyclinics of the region, participated in the work of the republican project "Birgemiz: Saýlyq" to attract volunteers to the field of health protection (Webinars for participants, development of memos for volunteers ) She participated in the 4th Congress of Family doctors of the Republic of Kazakhstan on April 24-26, 2019 as a speaker with the report "Communication skills as an important part of palliative care" and moderator of the section on palliative care.. In October 2019, she gave a master class on communication skills for participants of the 11th International Scientific and practical conference "Information Technologies in Medical Libraries". Miraleyeva A.I.performed a webinar "Improving the communicative competence of a library specialist" for the Association of Scientific and Medical Libraries of the CIS, on the Youtube platform 25.06.2020. The winner of the master class on communication skills at the conference (AMEE) - Rosmedobr, Moscow in October 2020. She has an IELTS 6.5 certificate 2019
Assistant Candidate of Medical Sciences Miraleyeva A.I.


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