Department of Children's Diseases №1 with Neonatology

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The department of faculty pediatrics with a course of propedeutics of children's diseases was founded in 1975. Teaching was conducted on the 3rd, 4th and 6th courses of pediatric faculty.
From the first of September 1975 the department began to work in the following composition: acting associate professor U. B. Baltaev (Ph. D., acting head. chair), B. T. Tusupkaliev (assistant) and K. A. Gashimova. In different years worked at the department: candidate of medical sciences A. B. Naizabekov, associate professor K. A. Gashimovа, candidate of medical sciences M. A. Мamyrbaeva, candidate of medical sciences K. M. Mendigаrinа, candidate of medical sciences U. M. Bondarenko, R. K. Tenizbaeva, N.G. Irgalieva, L.D. Bolyakova, B.Zh. Zhilkibaeva and others.


In the formation of the department a lot of work invested the first head, thencandidate of medical sciences, then associate professor, since 1990, doctor of medical sciences, since 1991, professor and head of the department of hospital pediatrics, dean of the faculty of pediatrics O. B. Baltaev.
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Since 1991 to 2010 the department was headed by professor, MD Tusupkaliev Balash Tusupkalievich. His contribution to the development of teaching in the Kazakh language is invaluable. Under his leadership, developed guidelines and manuals in the Kazakh language. In the first year B. T Tusupkaliev developed and published the manual "Balalaraurulari", published notes of lectures on propedeutics of children's diseases – 3 course, and on children's diseases – 4 year.
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From 2010 the department was headed by MD, Professor, high achiever of healthcare of Kazakhstan A. K. Jumalina. Now the department is called "children's diseases №1 with neonatology". For today employees of the department are: academician, doctor of Sciences, professor B. Tusupkaliev, PhD, associate professor L.V.Voloshina, PhD B. A. Zhekeyeva, candidate of medical sciences M. B. Zharylkasinova, assistants L. D. Bolyakova, B. J. Zhilkibaev, J. S. Kuttumuratova, G. B. Begenova, Sh. S. Zhakieva, G. K.Erpeisova, A. R. Musina, G. K.Tulep, I. S. Kim, B. B. Janalinova, K.O. Kazhybay, N. V.Yegshatyan, A. B. Seitkalieva.
Office managers of the department with higher pedagogical education A. M.Nurmukhambetova, A. K. Kuletova, G.K. Sagyn.
The main directions of the department-training of 4th year students of the faculty "General medicine"in the specialty "Children's diseases", 3rd year students of the faculty"General medicine"in the discipline"Propedeutics of childhood diseases". 
To achieve this goal, educational, methodical, scientific, clinical and educational work is carried out.
The department has PhD, master's degree in "Medicine", residency in"Neonatology".
For the last 10 years the staff of the Department has been actively working in grant scientific and technical programs. For 2014-2016, the Department has completed the NTP fragment, "Improvement of technologies of child health and reproductive health" (supervisor professor E. Zh. Bekmukhambetov) on the topic: "the Development and scientific substantiation of new technologies of the health of newborn children" (chaired by professor B. Tusupkaliev and A. K. Jumalina).
In 2017-2018 the fragment of STP on the theme "Development of scientific and methodological bases of minimization of ecological loading, medical support, social protection and improvement of the population of ecologically unfavorable territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan"was made.
Currently, the department has completed the research project on the initiative topic "Development of methods for correcting environmentally determined disorders in children and adolescents living in oil and gas-bearing regions", the terms of the research project 2016-2021.
In 2018, a scientific research project was carried out on the topic "Development of scientific and methodological foundations for the technology of assessing the health status of children and adolescents living in the oil and gas regions of Western Kazakhstan". Since 2019, an intramural research project on the topic "Clinical and genetic markers of vitamin D status in newborns and young children in the Kazakh population" has been carried out in the West Kazakstan Medical University.
During the existence of the department 4 doctoral dissertations, 7 PhD theses, 1 PhD doctoral, 2 master's theses have been defended. There are 18 innovative patents for invention, 5 monographs, 4 textbooks, 28 textbooks, 16 methodological recommendations have been issued. Since 2020, Kim I. S. has been studying for a PhD, the scientific supervisor is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor. Jomalina A. K.
During the period of the department staff published more than 750 scientific and methodical works, prepared and produced about 40 textbooks and teaching aids in the kazakh and russian languages. For released textbook "Balalar aurulari propedevticasi" (2002) Professor B. Tusupkaliev was awarded the medal of A. Baitursynov for the preparation of the textbook, corresponding to modern standards.
More than 10 guidelines for doctors and teachers have been issued. Employees of the department take part in international scientific conferences in the near and far abroad, national congresses and conferences, make presentations.
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The clinical bases of the department are the Multidisciplinary City Children's Hospital, the maternity department of the Aktobe Regional Hospital and the Regional Perinatal Center of Aktobe.
Employees of the department and, first of all, prof. B. Tusupkaliev actively participate in the provision of practical qualified pediatric care to children in all of Western Kazakhstan. Being experts in the specialty “Pediatrics” and “Neonatology”, the staff of the department participate in the work of the Department of Health Protection in the Aktobe region.
Taking into account the current trends in the development of medical education, professors from Universities from the near and far abroad are invited to gain experience in teaching and world-class scientific achievements in the “Visiting Professor” program. Thus,in 2016, Professor Jurate Buinauskiene of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences was invited, in 2018, Professor Evstifeeva G. Yu. from the Orenburg Medical Academy, and in 2019, Professor Anna Mania from Poland, to give lectures to teachers, neonatologists, residents, undergraduates and doctoral students.
Employees of the department developed scenarios of business games for practical exercises, guidelines for interactive teaching methods (pedagogical match, control card, small groups, problem-oriented learning). Developed guidelines for innovative teaching methods - TBL, СBL, PBL, standardized patient.
Employees of the department "children's diseases №1 with neonatology" annually hold meetings in dormitories with students of 1, 2, 3, 4 courses of the faculty " General medicine».
In accordance with the plan of educational work carried out activities dedicated to significant dates, prepared by students under the guidance of assistants of the department for employees, students and children of clinical bases of the department.
Every year there are competitions" Best pediatrician "among students of 3, 4 courses of the faculty"General medicine".
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