Museum of West Kazakhstan Medical University named after Marat Ospanov

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Museum head: Gaukhar Maralovna Seitzhanova, tel: 87479933643

Curator of the museum fund: Baktygul Sundetova Raulivna: 87757561345 (maternity leave)

Curator of the museum fund: Sarsembaeva Gulim Akmalovna: 87015603621

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A museum is an institution with a permanent seat that serves the development of society by being open to the public. Museums acquire, save, study exhibits, hold exhibitions and presentations for the purpose of education, entertainment and spiritual and material saturation of a person, ”- this is the definition from the charter of the International Council of Museums.

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Medical universities' museums set themselves the goal of not only collecting material and accumulating facts, but also instilling interest in medical science, fostering love for the doctor's profession, respect for teachers, preserving traditions, compassion for patients using the example of the exhibited material.

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Students and guests have a huge impression of visiting our departmental museum, the effect of what they see and hear is in no way inferior to other educational and information centers.

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The decision to organize the museum ASMI was taken at a meeting of the Academic Council in early 1996. A special commission was created, which included the rector, MD, professor, Zh.K. Ordabaev, MD, professor, department head of history of health care S.Kh. Dushmanov, MD, Professor, Department head of Forensic Medicine O.N. Turebaev, MD, Professor, Department head of Normal Physiology A.A. Utepbergenov, Normal Anatomy Senior Lecturer A.M. Gizatullina, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Russian language RB Shanova, as a photographer student doctor D.S. Dyusupova, graphic designer T.B. Auezov and Normal Anatomy laboratory assistant G.I. Cheremukhina.

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The opening of the museum, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the founding of the AGMI, took place on October 3, 1997. The ribbon in honor of the opening of the museum was cut by Professor A.S.Smagulov, rector of the ASMI from 1971 to 1995; it was he who came up with the idea of creating our museum. The first head was the founder museum, professor of the Department of Normal Anatomy A.M. Gizatulin, now the head is G.M. Seitzhanova. 

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The museum is located on the 2nd floor of the main building of the university (68 Maresyev street); its total area is 270 sqm, there are 5 exhibition halls.

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The main activities of the museum are:

1. Educational work - raising the general educational level of knowledge of university students and visitors (stages of development of medicine in connection with historical events and modern scientific achievements of ZKMU named after M. Ospanov).

2. Carrying out excursions and thematic events for university students together with curators dedicated to the anniversary dates of outstanding scientists, lecturing, etc.

3. Purposeful collecting of museum material.

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The activities of the museum at the present stage are characterized by an active search for new forms and methods of museum practice. For the fourth year in a row, the Marat Ospanov ZKMU Museum has been holding an action "Leave a Trace in History", thanks to which our museum fund has been replenished with valuable materials from the "Museum Object". Collaboration has been organized with regional and city museums, with the library and archive of the university, as well as with the research volunteer club "Asyl Mura".
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