Dean's office of the General Medicine

By the decree of the Higher Education Ministry of the USSR in 1957, the medical faculty of the Aktobe State Medical Institute was opened. Over the years, the deans of the faculty worked: A.P. Sorokin (1957-1960), L.N. Zhelvakov (1960-1961), M.A. Dudchenko (1961-1962), B.S. Gudimov (1962), M.A. Dudchenko (1962-1966), S.G. Kozbagarov (1966-1967), Kh.E. Mamanov (1967-1969), Zh.M. Sidzhanov (1969-1975), O. N. Turebaev (1975-1985), M.K. Iztleuov (1986-1995), V.G. Fedorenko (1995-1998), Zh.D. Zhumagazin (1998), Zh.A. Moldashev (1999), K.A. Akhmetov (2000-2005), T.A. Adaibaev (2005-2013).

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In 2007, the General Medicine Faculty was opened on the basis of the Medical Faculty. Since September 2011, the Faculty of General Medicine has been reorganized into the Faculty of General Medicine No. 1 and the Faculty of General Medicine No. 2, Medicine and Pediatrics. Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine No. 1 was appointed candidate of medical sciences T.S. Abilov, and the Dean of the Faculty of General Medicine No. 2, Medicine and Pediatrics became Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor T.A. Adaibaev. Since August 2014, the dean’s office of the above named faculties have been united, and renamed into the Faculty of General Medicine and appointed as the dean of the Faculty Candidate of Medical Sciences T.S.Abilov. Since 2017, the head of the faculty was candidate of medical sciences S.B. Rakhmanov. Currently (since March 2019) the dean of the faculty is Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor T.S. Abilov.


The first admission was carried out in 1957 (213 students), subsequently the number of students increased from year to year. Currently, the faculty has 2,442 students.

The work of the dean's office of the "General Medicine" faculty is carried out in the following main areas:

- organization of the educational process in the specialty in accordance with the curriculum;

- coordination of educational and methodical work of the departments that train students of the faculty;

- organization of the work of departments on the implementation of modern innovative teaching methods;

- coordination of research activities of the departments of the "General Medicine" faculty;

- organizing and conducting educational work with students of faculty together with students of the self-management of university students;

- carrying out vocational orientation activities among school students to attract them for admission to the faculty;

- participation in university-wide, interuniversity, republican and international events (etc.).

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Students of the specialty "General Medicine" use the infrastructure of the West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov medical university, which includes administrative and educational laboratory buildings, clinical bases, laboratories, auxiliary premises, hostels. West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov medical university has own 6 educational buildings, 5 hostels and Medical Center (MC).

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There is a large sports and small halls, a stadium, a student first-aid post, and Medic canteen. Housing and household issues of students of the specialty "General Medicine" are resolved through 5 own hostels with a total area of ​​19843.3 square meters (2150 places).

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Departments of the Dean's Office of the General Medicine Faculty: Department of Languages ​​(Russian language course, Kazakh language course, Foreign language course); normal and topographic anatomy with operative surgery; histology; normal physiology; pathological physiology; clinical pharmacology and pharmacology; pathological anatomy with forensic medicine; neurology with courses psychiatry and narcology; GP with a course communication skills; internal diseases No. 1; surgical diseases No. 1 (course of surgical diseases, course of urology and operative nephrology, course of otorhinolaryngology, course of ophthalmology); Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1, Pediatric Diseases No. 1 with Neonatology, Pediatric Surgery, Clinical Laboratory and Visual Diagnostics. If in the first academic year (1957-1958) the institute had only 7 departments, now the process of teaching at the faculty takes place at 20 theoretical and clinical departments and courses. At all departments of the faculty, student scientific circles are actively working, in which students take their first steps in science.

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The main clinical bases of the departments of the faculty are the university's own clinics, medical and consultative-diagnostic institutions in Aktobe. Clinical departments and courses of the faculty are located at the bases of the Medical Center of West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov medical university (neurology, oncology, CPS), Aktobe medical cluster (internal diseases No. 1, obstetrics and gynecology No. 1, otolaryngology, neurology), emergency hospital (surgical disease No. 1), Aktobe regional psycho-neurological dispensary (psychiatry, narcology), Regional children's clinical hospital (Children's diseases No. 1 with neonatology, pediatric surgery), Family medicine clinic (general practice No. 1). In addition, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology No. 1 is based on the bases of the Kargaly City Hospital (maternity ward), the Regional Perinatal Center and the clinical diagnostic department of the RPC. GP No1 conducts classes in city polyclinics # 1, # 3 and # 5, and the Aktobe Regional Clinical and Diagnostic Center. A Technopark with an area of ​​more than 1200 square meters was created on the basis of the Medical Center: Center for Practical Skills with high-tech simulators and virtual patient technology; Pathomorphological laboratory for express and final diagnosis of oncological diseases with immunohistochemical studies of biopsy and autopsy material; Laboratory of personalized medicine for individual targeted therapy of patients with malignant diseases. The Cadaver Center was opened to train students in surgical skills and interventions on cadaveric material.


The staff of the dean's office of the faculty "General medicine": dean of the faculty - candidate of medical sciences, Abilov Talgar Satybaevich. Deputy Deans: Kadyrzhankyzy Bayan, Srazh Bekbolsyn Bekbolatovich - master of Environmental Sciences, Kanymkulova Aigerim Maratovna - master of Foreign Languages, Aibasova Zhuldyz Abdrashitovna - candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor. Specialists of the Dean's Office: Salimgereeva Zhansaya Zhastalapovna, Makhsut Aidana Adilbyekkyzy, Alyekyenova Madina Shokankyzy



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