Dean of the International Medical Faculty

The International Faculty of Medicine for International Students was founded in October 2019.

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Since October 2019, the Dean of the International Medical Faculty is headed by PhD Dr. Izdenov Aset.

Foreign students are trained under the Bachelor of Medicine (MB) program (English) with training in English. Specialty 5B130100 "General Medicine".

Currently, more than 300 students from Uzbekistan, India are studying at the faculty.

The goal of the dean's office of the international medical faculty is to provide students with the opportunity to receive high-quality educational services, to acquire a high professional level of medical and scientific knowledge, to achieve high moral and ethical qualities of each student, which will ensure high competitiveness of the university in the domestic and foreign markets for educational services.

Organization and conducting of educational and methodological work with foreign students. Advising foreign applicants on admission and study at the University. Preparation of academic certificates and other educational documents for foreign students. Coordination of educational, research and educational processes of foreign students. Coordination of work of Kazakh, Russian languages ​​courses for foreign citizens, conducting the Foundation program. Organization and provision of academic mobility of University’s staff members and foreign students.

Students use most of their time for training. For self-study, students have the opportunity to engage in the reading room of the university library, in computer classes and student scientific circles. Every year they take part in student scientific events.

The faculty of the university conducts training with the aim of mastering and improving the clinical practical skills of foreign students at the clinical bases of the university and at the Center for Practical Skills. In order to adapt foreign students, conditions are created for passing foreign field professional practice. Highly qualified foreign specialists and teaching staff are involved in conducting the training.

The dean’s activities also include the creation of appropriate conditions for the stay of foreign students, the organization of life. In particular, interaction with consular and migration services regarding the stay of foreign students in Kazakhstan; assisting foreign students in adapting to the process of studying and living in Aktobe; liaising with parents of foreign students; organization of events related to national holidays, visits to museums and cultural events, familiarization with the national culture and life of the Kazakh people.

The university has comfortable dormitories for international students who meet all modern requirements. In the student dormitories there is a wireless Internet access network and WI-FI, reading rooms, a dining room, household and cleaning rooms, shower rooms, washing machines are equipped. Student dormitories are equipped with CCTV cameras. At the entrance to the hostels, residents pass through the passes.

Contact Information:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact phone: +7 7132 54 31 10

Address: Aktobe, st. Maresyeva 68, building №1, office 114

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