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April 24, 2019

Within the conference it is planned to organize a round table devoted to the life and work of the first Chairman of the Majilis Marat Ospanov "From stabilization to growth»

Sections of the conference:
• From theory to practice-research trends (section of residents, undergraduates, doctoral students);
• Aspects of experimental medicine
• Rational pharmacotherapy in the treatment of significant diseases;
• Innovations in clinical trials and their prospects;
• From menarche to postmenapause-reproductive health issues;
• Topical issues of restorative and aesthetic medicine (dentistry, neurosurgery, traumatology, oral and maxillofacial surgery);
• Environmental impact and immune status of adults and children in the modern world;
• "Actual problems of medicine and education" (English);
• "Science steps" (section of College and high school students);
• "Startup in Medicine "(poster presentations and patent inventions);
• Modern views of medicine (section of videos);
• Poster section.

Conference location: 66, Maresyevst., teaching and laboratory buildings of the West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University, Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan.

The time of the conference: 09.00 - 18.00.
Official languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Requirements to registration of article:
● The volume of the original article is not less than 3, not more than 6 pages (not including summary, tables, illustrations and references).
● Manuscripts of original articles should have the following sections: "Introduction", "Methods", "Results" and "discussion of results". It is not necessary to separate the conclusions into a separate section.
● The volume of the manuscript of the review article should be not more than 5 pages (not including summaries, tables, illustrations and references).
● Review articles are structured at the request of the author.
● The text of the article is prepared in Microsoft Word font Times New Roman size 12 points with line spacing 1.5.
● Book orientation (portrait) margins top and bottom – 20 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 10 mm. to prevent word wrap.
● The title page indicates:
✓ Article title
✓ Names and initials of each author
✓ Full name of all organizations to which the authors belong. If the authors work in different institutions, each author is linked to his or her organization using the upper register number.
✓ Email of the author responsible for correspondence with the editors
● Summary: for Kazakh authors in English, Kazakh and Russian; for authors from the near abroad-in Russian and English; for authors from abroad - in English.
● The length of the abstract should not be less than 200, but not more than 300 words.
● Summary of original studies should be structured as follows: objective, methods, results, conclusions. In the section" Results " in the summary, the editors recommend to give the numerical values of the results and the achieved levels of significance in the verification of statistical hypotheses.
● The first is a summary in the language in which the main text of the article is written. Then come the other two. For example, if the article is written in the Kazakh language, the summary and keywords in the Kazakh language are presented first, then in Russian and English.
● Under the summary there are 5-7 keywords that reflect the problems studied in the course of the study.
● The list of references is drawn up in accordance with the Vancouver style, preferably with an indication at the end of the source index DOI (digital object identifier, a unique digital identifier of the article). For example:
✓ Marx W. Tracking historical papers and their citations. European Science Editing 2012;38 (2): 35-37
● Bibliographic references in the text are given in square brackets in Arabic numerals as cited in the text.
It is desirable to refer to more recent publications (not older than 2004). For original articles the number of sources should not exceed 15, for review articles - 20.
● The editorial Board recommends to keep the balance between national and Russian (in the amount of ~50%) and foreign publications published in international peer-reviewed journals (~50%) in the list of references.
● The editors do not welcome references to abstracts, abstracts of dissertations. References should be checked by the authors of the manuscript with the original documents. The author is fully responsible for the accuracy of bibliographic sources.
● Rejected articles will not be returned. see Application 1.

The collection of articles will be publicly available in:
1. Scientific electronic library (RSCI).
2. Open repository of WKMOSMU
3. Scientific electronic library – CyberLink
4. The conference series “Medicine in West Kazakhstan”

The application and the article should be sent to the conference e-mail address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., deadline March 25, 2019. After the approval of the reviewers (within a week), the article must be certified by the signatures of the head of the Department and the supervisor (scanned version) and sent to the conference e-mail.


Name of participant
Name of co-authors
Name of the University (full)
Faculty, course
Work name
Phone number

Oral report: speech - up to 7 min., Discussion - up to 4 min. Slide presentations should be designed in Microsoft PowerPoint according to the template, see Application 2.

Poster report: the report thesis must be submitted to the collection of materials in accordance with all requirements, the poster itself must be on a 100x90 sheet of paper, see the text in the working languages of the conference (the poster headline is identical to the design of the thesis in the collection) and is surely illustrated. For example, see Application 3.

"Startup in medicine "(inventions, know-how, creative projects):
- The section is open to all researchers of Universities, colleges, secondary schools engaged in invention, having start-up projects at any stage of work;
- To provide the participants with the project on their own or together with the supervisor;
- The project should include robotics, IT (website, mobile offer, computer program, etc.) and offer an innovative product that solves the problem in the field of medicine that has not been solved before;
- The team must have at least a demo version of the product or prerequisites, the makings of work in the process;
- The best inventions will be awarded with prizes.

Modern views of medicine (section of videos):
- We accept videos on the subject of facilitating the educational process or actual problems of medicine and health care in the form of interviews, reports, videos, cartoons, etc.
- Video format: MP4, MPEG4, avi.
- Minimum video resolution-720x480 (12:8 cm).
- Video duration - up to 1.5 minutes.
- Videos should be decorated with an information screen saver with the name of the author (group number, name of the Institute, faculty, name of the video, with the total duration of the video).
- The use of special programs and tools in the installation and shooting of the video is at the discretion of the participant.
- Participants themselves determine the genre of the video (interview, report, video, cartoon, etc.).
- We do not accept commercials that offend the dignity and feelings of other people that do not fit into the theme of the competition.
- Video does not send in the form of articles (bring in a flash drive)
- Video winners are awarded with gift certificates.

1. Articles that do not meet all these requirements will not be accepted.
2. The collection of materials is issued on the day of the conference only to the first author or the declared speaker.
3. The organizing Committee reserves the right to review the papers, distribute reports in sections, edit and correct the text of the article (spelling and punctuation).
4. The organizing Committee is not responsible for the content of the article.
5. All posters must be reviewed by the organizing Committee before the conference.
6. Only oral and poster presentations will be included in the conference program.
7. The organizing Committee reserves the right to select oral reports in case of a large number of them.

Organizing Committee:
1. Bekmukhambetov Yerbol Zhasulanovich - Rector of the WKMOSMU;
2. Smagulova Gaziza Azhmagiyevna - Vice-Rector for Scientific and Clinical Work, WKMOSMU;
3. Abilov Talgar Satybaevich - Vice-Rector for educational and educational work of the WKMOSMU;
4. Sakhanova Svetlana Kaliullayevna - Head of the Scientific and Practical Center of the WKMOSMU;
5. Zhurabekova Gulmira Atagulovna – Head of research Department;
6. Amanzholkyzy Ainur - Head of the SSS, WKMOSMU;
7. Otesin Makhmutsultangali - Chairman of the SSS, WKSMU;
8. Yerzhigit Nayzabek - Deputy Chairman of the SSS, WKMOSMU;
9. AstrakhanovAkezhan- adviser on science of the SSS, WKMOSMU;
10. Djykkynbaeva Saltanat – secretary of the SSS, WKMOSMU.
11. Ziganshina Anna - adviser on science of the SSS, WKMOSMU;
12. Zhanuzakova Moldir - adviser on science of the SSS, WKMOSMU;


Contact Information:
1. 030019, 68 Maresyev St., The laboratory building №1, No. 110, Council of Young Scientific Society, Aktobe, Republic of Kazakhstan;
2. - the official website of the WKMOSMU;
3. - official public YSS WKMOSMU in the social network "Vkontakte";
4. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - e-mail of the Council YSS;
5. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - conference e-mail;
6. Otesin Makhmutsultangali - +77053809322;
7. Yerzhigit Nayzabek - +77078851189;
8. Ziganshina Anna - +77472662113
9. Astrakhanov Akezhan - +77474935676.
10. Zhanuzakova Moldir - +77088214833



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