Department of Histology

The Department of histology, Cytology and Embryology was established in 1958.The first head of department was a Vidik Taisa Vladimirovna. In 1953 Taisiya Vladimirovna graduated from Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical Institute with honors. In 1958 she defended her thesis on "Reactivity of striated muscle fibers in the experiment".Sergeyev Konstantin Konstanchinovich - head of the Department from 1959 to 1963 It was the time of formation of the Department. During this period, the Department had three assistants and two laboratory assistants. Konstantin Konstantinovich was a well-rounded personality. Independently studied foreign languages, knew English, German, French, was interested in philosophy. He studied neurohistology. In 1960 he received the title of associate Professor. Awarded the badge "Excellent of Healthcare".
From 1963 to 1979. Ovsyannikov Gennady Vasilyevich headed the Department of histology. During the management of Gennady Vasilyevich the educational base of the Department was encreased, the Department staff expanded to 12 employees. During this period, the Department staff has prepared all the necessary educational and methodical documentation, test items for programmed control, teachers on their own made training histological preparations and tables, also slide projector, epidiascope, micro-projector were purchased. PTS (professorial teaching staff) of the Department conducted research on the topic: "Reactive properties of connective tissue in different conditions", more than 40 scientific papers were published.There was actively working scientific student group in the department. Many members of the group continued their research and defended their PhD and doctoral dissertation. During his work, Gennady Ovsyannikov was repeatedly awarded diplomas of the Institute and regional organizations, also a diploma of the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan and a badge "Excellent of Healthcare".


Candidate of medical sciences, docent Alexander Ivanovich Kovrat

Korvat Alexander Ivanovich – headed the Department from 1979 to 1989. In 1958, as a student of the 4th course, opened a dye of sunflower seeds, sort of "Fuchsine", he used it for coloring cell nuclears,it's similarly to foreign hematoxylin Gagarina and its analogs. During this period, all the teachers of the Department worked on the topic by scientific plan: "the Reaction of Airways to the action of chromium compounds in the experiment." Korvat A. I. author of 43 scientific works. Has rationalization proposals, inventions. Has a patent for the invention: "Coloring method of histological slices." Alexander Ivanovich is engaged in painting. Since 1978 he participated in 40 art exhibitions – city, national and all-Union, including six solo exhibitions. Author of more than 250 sceneries, still lifes, awarded diplomas,medals, twice Winner of the all-Union review competition of Amateur art. Currently, Alexander Ivanovich is a docent of the Department.


Academician of medical sciences of the Republic of the Kazakhstan, Umbetov Turakbai Zhetenovich

From 1990 to 2010 the Department was headed by doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, academician of medical sciences Umbetov Turakbai Zhetenovich. After graduating from the medical faculty in 1966 Turakbai Zhetenovich was retained as an assistant of the Department of normal anatomy, AkSMI. Scientific and pedagogical activity of Turakbai Zhetenovich started in Aktobe state medical Institute and then in the Novosibirsk order of the red banner of Labor medical Institute and the Siberian branch of the USSR AMS. In 1972 he defended his PhD dissertation on the topic: "Morpho-functional study of the blood and lymph vessels of the pelvic limb of the dog in normal and denervation condition", in 1989 he defended his doctoral dissertation: "Morpho-functional study of the regional lymph nodes of the kidney by the effect of alcohol in normal and impaired hemo - lymphocirculation" – specialty 14.00.02 – human anatomy.AMS of the Republic of Kazakhstan T. Zh. Umbetov is the author of 11 rationalization proposals, five inventions, more than 400 scientific papers, 11 textbooks, three guidelines, 10 monographs and terminology dictionary which is used by all medical universities of Kazakhstan and model programs of 4 publications on the subject of "Histology".


Staff of the Department of histology, 1994

One of the scientific directions of the works which are performed under the guidance of Umbetov T. Zh. is the study of the effects of chromium compounds (regional pathology), and persistent organic pollutants on the immune defense organs. A distinctive feature of the fundamental research of Umbetov T. Zh. and his students is a complex morphological and functional approach involving along with histological, histochemical, biochemical and physiological methods, the use of criteria-based assessments of socio-economic well-being, which is a universal demographic indicator that reflects the health status of the population. Scientific activity of Umbetov T. Zh., in addition to many publications ,reflected in the reports at the all-Union Congress of anatomists, histologists and embryologists, scientific and methodological conferences. The staff of the Department, headed by Umbetov T. Zh. supports scientific relations with morphologists of medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Russia. T. Zh. Umbetov pays constant attention to the selection and training of scientific and pedagogical personnel. In 1997, the Department was opened graduate school. A. A. Burkhard was the first to enroll in graduate school. After defending his thesis, he remained at the Department as an assistant.There are scientific researches which works under the leadership of academician Umbetov T. Zh. at the departments of histology, normal anatomy, pathological anatomy, traumatology, dentistry, surgery, Oncology, in the center of reproduction and family planning- aimed at studying the impact of -exo and -endogenous factors on the morphological and functional state of the immune system. Under the guidance of Professor T. Zh. Umbetov 1 doctoral and 14 master's theses were defended. Umbetov T. Zh. takes an active part in public life of the Academy. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Association of morphologists of Aktobe region, a member of the Association of lymphologists of the CIS, a member of the Academic Council of the University, Deputy Chairman, and then a member of the dissertation Council OF zkgma M. Ospanov, KazSMU named after S. Asfendiyarov. He was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of health of Kazakhstan, ''Excellent of healthcare'' of Kazakhstan. In 2006 he was awarded the state grant "Best teacher of the year". Awarded medals " For merits of development of science of RK "(2007)," For merits of health care of RK " (2009).Currently, the staff of the Department are working on the scientific theme:"A Complex study of changes in the morphological structure of the internal organs of the body in the normal and pathology condidtions and experiment under the influence of various environmental factors."


Candidate of medical sciences, docent Egemberdieva Roza Esenbaevna

Egemberdieva Roza Esenbaevna – headed the Department from 2011 to 2018 Egemberdieva Roza Esenbaevna in 1988 graduated with honors from the medical faculty of the Aktobe state medical Institute. After graduation she worked at the Department of normal anatomy as an assistant. In 1990 she entered full-time postgraduate course at the Department of normal anatomy. In 1994 she defended her thesis on "Variability of macro-and microstructures of the cortex of the pre-and postcentral gyrus of the cerebral hemispheres of the human brain", specialty 14.00.02-human anatomy. In the training process uses solely written textbook by Roza Esenbaevna "Options for the structure of the furrows and convolutions of the cerebral hemispheres of man." Currently working on the scientific theme: "Morphofunctional condition and the content of trace elements of the human brain and animals in the normal, when exposed to chemical compounds and correction by riboflavin." Egemberdieva R. E. is the author of more than 60 published scientific works in local and foreign publications, 3 textbooks. Egemberdiyeva R. E. actively works on scientific research work with students-circle members.Every year they make reports at the scientific-student conference of the University, take prize-places,also participated in student conferences in universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, where their reports were awarded with diplomas.


Temirova Gulnara Ayaganovna studied at the Aktobe state medical Institute at the pediatric faculty since 1987 to 1993, specializing in Pediatrics. Completed postgraduate primary professional training on the basis of ASMI at Department, specialty "pediatrician" in 1993.Since 1994 started working at the Department of histology, Cytology and embryology, ASMI combining the work of Department assistant and senior laboratory assistant. She took an active part in the development of new work programs, test tasks, guidelines for students and guidelines for teachers. She was the meeting Secretary of the Department and CMC  on PDD. She constantly raised her scientific and professional level, has a number of scientific and methodological articles. In 2000, she defended her dissertation for the degree of candidate of medical Sciences in the specialty 14.00.02 "Human Anatomy" on theme "Morphological and Functional study of regional lymph nodes of rat's kidneys with protein correction on the background of chronic chromium intoxication (experimental study)".G. A. Temirova is the medical science candidate since 2000. In 2002-2005 she was a doctoral student of the Department of histology WKSMU, studied at WKSMU named after M. Ospanova in full-time doctoral specialty 14.00.02 "Human Anatomy", by the state budget form of education. The results of the candidate's dissertation are implemented in the educational process of medical universities in Astana, Almaty and Aktobe. Actively takes part in the International scientific conferences of Novosibirsk, Shymkent, Uralsk, Kokshetau, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Aktobe. G. A. Temirova from 2005-2009 was the Dean of the faculty of pharmacy of the University, since 2005, associate Professor of histology and to this day,from 2009-2010 Deputy Dean of pharmaceutical, medical-preventive and public health departments of the West Kazakhstan state medical University named after Marat Ospanov,from 2006-2010 Deputy Chairman on assignment of categories to pharmaceutical workers. During the activity Temirova G. A. published more than 100 works, 5 introductions, 1 educational and methodical manual with co-authors and 1 educational and methodical manual on histology for students of specialty "Public health". He has 2 certificates of "Author's certificate No. 47802, invention No. 17009 "Method for rapid determination of viable cells and antibody-forming" and "Author's certificate No. 51180, invention No. 18164 "Method for comparative evaluation of the functional activity of T-cellular link of immunity." Co-author G. A. Temirova issued guidelines on state and Russian languages "Гистологияның практикалық сабағына арналған әдістемелік оқу құралы". G. A. Temirova in 2009 and 2012 trained in the Kazakhstan organization of quality on the program "Internal audit of quality management system in Universities", passed the theoretical exams and certified as internal auditor of the quality management system.


The candidate of medical Sciences, acting head of the Department of histology of WKSMU named after M. Ospanov.Also she gives lectures and conducts classes in Kazakh and English. In the classroom uses interactive teaching methods. Actively takes part in educational and scientific work with students.



Komekbai Zhanat Eskaraevna

Teaching staff of the Department:
• Umbetov T.Zh. – AMS RK, DMS, professor;
• Egemberdieva R.E. – CMS, docent;
• Kovrat A.I. – CMS, docent;
• Temirova G.A. – CMS;
• Komekbai Zh.E. – CMS;
• Berdalinova A.K. – magister of medicine, teacher;
• Akhaeva A.E. – teacher;
• Sermagambetova I.T. – teacher;
• Tadjimuradova N.A. – teacher;

The main directions of educational and methodical activity of the Department - further improvement of educational and methodical work, the usage of innovative technologies in the educational process, improving the pedagogical and professional skills of the faculty of the Department, scientific research work. At the Department of histology students of 1 course faculties: "General medicine "(Histology 1), 2 course faculties:" General medicine "(Histology 2), 1 course faculties:" Dentistry " (Histology), interactive teaching methods are used in practical classes .

Work of the Student scientific Circle (NSC) “Histologist”

In 1958 at the Department was organized scientific-student circle, which works at the present time. Students-circle members ,under the guidance of teachers, do the scientific research activities. The results of the research students are reported at the meetings of the circle. Meetings of the circle of NSC "Histologist" are held once a month, interesting reports are presented. Students-club members take part in the student scientific conference of our University, also they visit universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS to participate in conferences. Take prize-places. NSC "Histologist " takes part in the competition "Best scientific circle".

 Educational work

All teachers of the Department take an active part in public events which are held at the University. Professorial teaching staff (PTS) with the students hold interesting thematic evenings. Every year PTS conduct career guidance work in schools of the city.



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