Catalog of elective disciplines

Credit technology of teaching - training on the basis of choice and individual planning of studying disciplines and (or) modules by credits accumulation.
Elective Disciplines - academic disciplines entering the university component and component of choice within established academic credits and introduced by educational institutions, reflecting the individual training of a learner, taking into account the specifics of social-economic development and the needs of a particular region, and experience of existing scientific schools.
The main objective of compiling the Catalog of Elective Disciplines (QED) is to provide learners with the opportunity to get acquainted with the elective disciplines programme content to ensure their reasonable choice.
QED is compiled for each specialty separately and is a systematic annotated list of all the disciplines of the component of choice, containing a brief description indicating the purpose of the study, a brief content (main sections) and expected outcomes of the study (knowledge, skills, competencies acquired by students). When compiling QED in specialties, the departments should take into account trends in the development of science, medicine, market needs and the demands of consumers of educational services of West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov medical university.

 To provide competent assistance to students in the formation of a thought out and holistic educational trajectory advisors’ function is specified. The main tasks of the WKMOSMU advisor:
 assisting students in defining an individual educational trajectory;
 joint work with Academic committees specialities to build an educational trajectory;
 consulting students when choosing elective disciplines;
 orientation and adaptation to the educational process within the entire period of study at the university;
 forming of the student’s future profession direction.

Advisors help students to create individual educational trajectory. QED specialties are developed in accordance with the following requirements:
- elective disciplines are determined in accordance with the need for students to master the professional competencies defined by the SES;
- the order of studying elective disciplines is carried out in accordance with the logic of the academic interrelation and sequence of studying the disciplines, that is, indicating the prerequisites and post requisites.
Prerequisites - disciplines containing the knowledge and skills necessary to master the discipline under study.
Post requisites - disciplines for the study of which knowledge and skills acquired at the end of the study of this discipline are required.
Advisor is a teacher (usually of a clinical department) performing the functions of an academic mentor of a student in a relevant specialty, assisting in choosing educational trajectory (forming an individual curriculum) and mastering an educational programme during the entire tuition period.
An advisor should represent the academic interests of learners and participate in preparing all necessary information materials to organize the educational process. In addition, the advisor can provide advice in determining future specialization.

Short profile about advisors

List of WKMU Advisors in the 2020-2021 academic year

Advisor’s name
Responsible for the faculty and place of work
Mukhambedgaliyeva Bodagoz Moldagalievna
GM «Surgery» ARH
Department of Surgical Diseases № 2
Akimzhanov Nurlan Altynbekovich
GM «Obstetrics & Gynaecology» RPC -Regional perinatal centre № 1 (maternity home), Regional emergency hospital gynecology department, AMC gynecology department, KMHKargala municioal hospital: Obstetrics gynecology department,
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology № 2RPC on the 2nd floor
Sultanbekova Gulmira Amantaevna
GM «Internal Medicine»
MC of WKMOSMU, 4 floor, hematology department
Department of Internal Medicine № 2
Isanguzhina Zhamilya Khalelovna
GM «Pediatrics» Children's hospital AMC, 2nd floor
Department of Children's Diseases № 2
Sultanov Kuanysh Zhanbyrshievich
GM «General Medical Practice», Maresiev76, Dental Clinic, 4 floor, room 413
Department of General Medical Practice № 2
Bekbauova Aimira Upuovna
«Public health»,   Building 2 of WKMOSMU
Department of Public Health and Health Care, Building 2
Nurtileuova Albina Malikovna
«Stomatology» Maresiev76, Dental Clinic, Department of Dentistry and Orthopedic Dentistry, 1st floor
Department of Therapeutic and Orthopedic Dentistry
Urazgaliev Kenzhebek Sherkeshbaevich
«Pharmacy» Building 1 of WKMOSMU, 4 floor
1 корпус
Department of Pharmaceutical Disciplines, Building 1
Abdikadirova Indira Temirkhanovna
«Nursing», Building 2 of WKMOSMU
Department of Public Health and Health Care

List of Elective Disciplines for 2020-2021 academic year SES 2017 on Speciality of General Medicine

List of Elective Disciplines for 2020-2021 academic year SES 2016 on Speciality of Pharmacy

List of Elective Disciplines for 2020 – 2021 academic year SES 2017 on Speciality of Public health

List of Elective Disciplines for 2020 - 2021 academic year SES 2017 on the Specialty of General Medicine



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